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human readable smart contract data.
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How it works

1. Query human readable data

We have decoded Ethereum smart contract data so you can do powerful analysis with simple SQL queries through our interface.

2. Visualise your results

Instantly visualise your query results into beautiful graphs that are easy to digest. All updated real-time.

3. Share with the world

Sharing is caring. Link to your visualisations on Twitter, Reddit or wherever. You can even embed your graphs directly in blog posts or web pages.
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Create your own queries and analysis

We provide you with industry leading decoding of smart contract data through our querying interface. Analyse with SQL, easily join with token to USD prices and share your findings with the world.

Explore community
created analysis

You can explore every query and visualisation that other community members have created. Add it to your own dashboard or fork and improve them. You can explore Ethereum data at your level; from the highest to the lowest level it's all there.

Premium offering

You can go ahead and use our community version for free - simply click the button, sign up and you are good to go. If you are a high interest user and want to keep your queries private with direct access to the data you can join our prominent group of premium customers.
Human readable Ethereum data
Public SQL querying interface
USD price feeds for tokens
Share your analysis
See community created analysis
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Our customers

Customers about Dune Analytics

"Dune Analytics is the best platform to keep track of our KPIs. Everything we do at Gnosis should result in actions on Ethereum. Dune allows us to easily analyse those in every possible way."
Stefan George - Co-Founder and CTO
"Dune Analytics is the backbone of our internal analytics operation at Dharma. Their tools have enabled our growth team to spin up industry-class dashboards for Ethereum events without having to nag our engineers for even a minute."
Nadav Hollander - Founder and CEO
"Dune Analytics continues to be critical to our reasearch and development efforts. Their support was the component that enabled us to prototype our product rapidly with room to scale."
Neil Zumwalde - Co-Founder and CTO

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