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Calvin Liu

Strategy Lead

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"Dune Analytics empowers not only our team, but more importantly the entire crypto community, to easily access and analyze data from Compound's smart contracts."

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0x on Dune

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0x logo

The exchange layer for the crypto economy The world's assets are becoming tokenized on public blockchains. 0x Protocol is free, open-source infrastructure that developers and businesses utilize to build products that enable the purchasing and trading of crypto tokens.

Support for all Ethereum Standards 0x Protocol facilitates the decentralized exchange of a growing number of Ethereum-based tokens, including all ERC-20 and ERC-721 assets.

Networked Liquidity 0x is lowering the barrier to entry by building a layer of networked liquidity that allows businesses to tap into a shared pool of digital assets.

Flexible Integration 0x is a modular system that enables businesses and projects, known as relayers, to easily add exchange functionality to any product experience.


1inch on Dune

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1inch logo

1inch exchange is a DEX aggregator that executes a swap of tokens at the best price in one single transaction. It is a common place that a core problem of all DEXes (decentralized exchanges) is lack of liquidity due to the fact that DEXes are a relatively new concept. First of all, 1inch DEX aggregator is addressing the liquidity problem thus facilitating mass adoption.

The optimizing algorithm splits up the trade across different exchanges. This allows you to have the most efficient way to exercise a transaction. 1inch protocol sources liquidity from a broad range of DEXes which truly makes it a single entry point to DeFi (decentralised finance) trading and creates an ecosystem experience.


Aave on Dune

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Aave logo

Aave is an open source and non-custodial protocol enabling the creation of money markets. Users can earn interest on deposits and borrow assets.


Bancor on Dune

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Bancor logo

The Bancor Protocol is a fully on-chain liquidity protocol that can be implemented on any smart contract-enabled blockchain. The Bancor Protocol is an open-source standard for liquidity pools, which in turn provide an endpoint for automated market-making (buying / selling tokens) against a smart contract.

  • Bancor Network currently operates on the Ethereum and EOS blockchains, but the protocol is designed to be interoperable for additional blockchains.
  • Our implementation can be easily integrated into any application enabling value exchanges.
  • Our implementation is open source and permissionless, and ecosystem participants are encouraged to contribute to and enhance the Bancor Protocol.


Compound on Dune

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Compound logo

Compound is an algorithmic, autonomous interest rate protocol built for developers, to unlock a universe of open financial applications.

The majority of cryptocurrencies sit idle on exchanges and in wallets, without yielding interest. We're on a mission to change that.


Curve on Dune

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Curve logo

Curve is an exchange liquidity pool designed for extremely efficient stable-asset trading. Its main goal is to let users and other decentralised protocols exchange stable assets (stablecoins, different kind of Bitcoin on Ethereum) through it with low fees and low slippage.

Curve is fully decentralized and all decisions about the protocol are taken by CRV holders.

Unlike exchanges out there that match a buyer and a seller, the behaviour of Curve is different, it uses liquidity pools. Liquidity providers deposit one or more stablecoins in a Curve pool and receive Curve LP tokens. Liquidity providers receive 0.02% of trading fees currently and are also incentivized with CRV token.

DAI on Dune

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DAI logo

The Dai stablecoin is a decentralized, unbiased, collateral-backed cryptocurrency soft-pegged to the US Dollar. Dai is held in cryptocurrency wallets or within platforms, and is supported on Ethereum and other popular blockchains.

Dai is easy to generate, access, and use. Users generate Dai by depositing collateral assets into Maker Vaults within the Maker Protocol. This is how Dai is entered into circulation and how users gain access to liquidity. Others obtain Dai by buying it from brokers or exchanges, or simply by receiving it as a means of payment.


dYdX on Dune

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dYdX logo

dYdX is a decentralized trading platform that currently supports margin trading, spot trading, lending, and borrowing. dYdX runs on smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, and allows users to trade with no intermediaries.


Erasure on Dune

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Erasure logo

Buying information has traditionally been difficult because you can only judge its quality once you have paid for and received it. This has meant only buying information from trusted sources with a good reputation. This excludes the long tail of people around the world who have valuable insights but no way to be believed.

Now imagine if information sources staked their offering: a buyer can then punish the source if they do not like what was delivered. Like this, information can be trusted from the individuals who do not have track records or wish to stay anonymous. Erasure is being used for this right now:

Numerai: a hedge fund that trades equities based on an aggregation of thousands of predictions made by a global network of competing data scientists. Because each user stakes on their predictions and inaccurate predictions have their stakes destroyed, Numerai can gauge the confidence of the anonymous competitors.

Erasure Bay: a new marketplace for sourcing any kind of information. Make requests for information like predictions, secrets, whistleblowers, recommendations and require that fulfillers place a stake. Try it today.

Numerai Signals: an ongoing tournament to gather Russell 3000 stock predictions, currently in beta. All predictions are staked, and are burned according to accuracy. Rewards paid are proportional to the stake.


Gnosis on Dune

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Gnosis logo

Gnosis builds new market mechanisms for open finance. By designing fairer marketplaces with open-source building blocks, Gnosis is committed to supporting an accessible, equitable future for decentralized finance. Our three interoperable product lines allow you to securely create, trade, and hold crypto assets.

Create: Conditional tokens are an application-agnostic asset class designed for the creation of highly liquid prediction markets. This new type of asset uses the open Conditional Tokens Framework to enable combinatorial outcomes for information discovery through prediction markets, laying the foundation for use cases like futarchy, agentless escrow, and milestone-based funding & access rights allocation.

Trade: Gnosis Protocol is a fully permissionless DEX that prevents front-running, maximizes liquidity through ring trades, and facilitates captial-efficient programmable orders on a customizable price range with batch auctions and custom market makers.

Hold: Gnosis Safe Multisig is the trustless interface for Safe Apps, dApp modules that decode contract interaction into human-readable information for digital asset management on Ethereum. Safe Apps ensure security and persistence through IPFS hosting, and most are open-source and auditable.


Keep on Dune

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Keep logo

A keep stores your data and protects it from censorship, so what you store always stays yours.

tBTC lets Bitcoin holders deposit and redeem BTC in DeFi without centralized intermediaries.


Kyber on Dune

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Kyber logo

Seamless Token Swaps, Anywhere

Kyber is a blockchain-based liquidity protocol that aggregates liquidity from a wide range of reserves, powering instant and secure token exchange in any decentralized application.

Kyber Network Crystal (KNC)

KNC is an ERC-20 utility token and an integral part of Kyber Network. KNC is the glue that connects different stakeholders in Kyber's ecosystem.


Loopring on Dune

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Loopring logo

Loopring is a zkRollup Exchange and Payment Protocol.

Secure: Loopring is an open-sourced, audited, and non-custodial exchange protocol, which means nobody in the Loopring ecosystem needs to trust others. Cryptoassets are always under users' own control, with 100% Ethereum-level security guarantees.

High Throughput: Loopring powers highly scalable decentralized exchanges by batch-processing thousands of requests off-chain, with verifiably correct execution via ZKPs. The performance of underlying blockchains is no longer the bottleneck.

Low Cost: Loopring performs most operations, including order-matching and trade settlement, off the Ethereum blockchain. Such a design dramatically reduces gas consumption and thus overall settlement cost to only fractions of a cent.


MakerDAO on Dune

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MakerDAO logo

The Maker Protocol, also known as the Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD) system, allows users to generate Dai by leveraging collateral assets approved by "Maker Governance." Maker Governance is the community organized and operated process of managing the various aspects of the Maker Protocol.

Dai is a decentralized, unbiased, collateral-backed cryptocurrency soft-pegged to the US Dollar. Resistant to hyperinflation due to its low volatility, Dai offers economic freedom and opportunity to anyone, anywhere.


Matcha on Dune

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Matcha logo

Matcha is a crypto trading platform powered by 0x Labs.

We are a decentralized exchange meaning that users swap their tokens peer-to-peer through the Ethereum smart contract infrastructure. We provide you with the best prices while allowing you to retain complete custody of your tokens throughout the entire trading process.

From on Dune

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Tornado improves transaction privacy by breaking the on-chain link between recipient and destination addresses. It uses a smart contract that accepts ETH deposits that can be withdrawn by a different address. Whenever ETH is withdrawn by the new address, there is no way to link the withdrawal to the deposit, ensuring complete privacy.

In this way, acts as a proxy to ensure that the transaction is 100% anonymous with zkSnarks proofs.


Uniswap on Dune

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Uniswap logo

Uniswap is a fully decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on Ethereum.

A simple formalized equation drives unstoppable liquidity for thousands of users and hundreds of applications.

Uniswap empowers developers, liquidity providers and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all.

From on Dune

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DeFi made simple. is a decentralized investment aggregator that leverages composability and uses automated strategies to earn high yield on crypto assets.